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Victoria Community Primary School

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48 Responses to Contact us

  1. Lynda Roberts says:

    I think a nursery group from your school were enjoying milk and biscuits at the cafe in Nightingale House this morning. I am so glad I popped in for a coffee en route to my doctors opposite. What a lovely start to my day, the children were a credit to staff and to their parents. Great song of farewell too. Well done chaperones. Magic. X

    • Debbie Eccles says:

      Hello, thank you for your comments. It was our playgroup who visited Nightingale House with the team led by Janet Lloyd. I will pass this on. We very much appreciate you taking the time to comment.
      Mrs Eccles

  2. Maggie says:

    Dear Mrs Eccles
    Whilst in town on Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of running into some children from your school. How well behaved they are. One little boy made me chuckle when one of your staff reminded him about being silly and said he would have to hold her hand if he carried on and he replied ” I want to hold your hand, you make me feel i wont be silly.” but she did not scold him for being cheeky as most would just gave him a smile and took his hand the beam on his face when she did was heart warming. It was so nice to see your children feel so secure with your staff. If the rest of the school are so well behaved you must be so proud to say you are the head of your school.

    • Debbie Eccles says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! What a lovely observation. Yes I am very proud – we have delightful children and the relationships between staff and children are brilliant. Many thanks once again.
      Debbie Eccles

  3. mike says:

    hie could you assist me with how i can get a place for my son he is 4 years old and would want him to start as soon as possible if that is possible
    regards Mike

  4. Olivia says:

    Hello Mrs Eccles I miss u very much, but aswell I love the new school I wish I came to the school again and say hi to my old friends I believe your having fun in Victoria ?

  5. Anne Jones says:

    Hello Victoria School!

    I have found a size 32 sweatshirt on a footpath in Bryn Offa and would like to return it to somebody called KYLE …..I think the other name is PHILLIPS. It’s written in biro on the label. If you can let them know it’s safe and I will try to fetch it in to school on Friday 14th Oct. My little girl was always losing her sweatshirt when she was in Victoria …she’s 30 now! When I went to school we had itchy knitted cardigans 🙂

  6. lucy hilditch says:

    I love Victoria CP school it is an amazing school i love it here my life would not be like this if it was not for this school its the best school in the world.

  7. Richard Bruce says:

    Hi, please can you let me know when year 5 sports day is being held as I cannot find it on this website.

  8. I love Victoria and if anyone else comes here I am definatly definatly sure they will never ever ever want to leave Victoria awsome school because it is the best on the planet

  9. Olivia Miszczak 4sb :') says:

    But its up to you, If you want Mrs Birchall going to year 5 she will If u say that Mrs Birchall is going to stay in year 4 she will 😛 , It would be so fun having Mrs Birchall in year 5 🙂 I think the whole of 4SB wants Mrs Birchall to teach us!

  10. Olivia Miszczak 4sb :') says:

    Mrs Eccles, I want Mrs Birchall to still learn us in year 5

    • Debbie Eccles says:

      Oh Olivia, I can imagine you do. I bet you’ve had lots of fun this year with Mrs Birchall. I’m sure you will still enjoy year 5 with your new teacher!!!

  11. Shara says:

    Is the school open on this bank holiday monday (2nd may)?

  12. Olivia Miszczak 4sb :') says:

    Well Im still learning on my 7xtimestables but still im trying my best to learn them like…7,14,21,28,35,42,49

  13. Olivia Miszczak 4sb :') says:

    Mrs Eccles its 42

  14. I miss school a lot , ooh well I love English and everything else. I’m so happy to go on year4 🙂 from Olivia

  15. JERI QUIBUYEN says:

    Hi!!! Mrs Eccles, I love the Victoria,its very very nice.

  16. This school Is the best school in the world

  17. Iwan says:

    This is the best school I have ever gone to

  18. Emma McCubbin says:

    Hi Mrs Eccles! I’m in set 1 maths and managed to get myself into the netball team! Tell all the teachers I miss them! Everyone is really nice and I’ve made lots of new friends! Can’t wait to see you again! Miss you and Victoria!
    Love from Emma

  19. Abbie cummins says:

    Hi Mrs Eccles,
    High school is great! I can’t wait to be put in sets. I have met loads of new friends and the teachers are great inlove my new English teacher she’s really good nearly as good as you!

    Abbie (ex pupil)

  20. Myles Tew says:

    Hello everybody at Victoria looks like you are having a great time and have fun in the panto #he is behind you. Just wanted to let you know Mrs Eccles that I am hosting the talent show at Ysgol Clywedog!!!!!!! Normally year 11 do but I thought I would stir it up a little bit and I have only been the about three months talk soon

    Myles Tew ( ex pupil )

  21. Ben white says:

    This is a very good website it has got a lot of information on this website tells you lots about this school.

  22. Andy says:

    Great site. Really informative and visual. Gives me a great insight into your school. Well done!

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