Term Dates 2020-21

Term Dates




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  1. Shweta Joshi says:

    Could I please know the if 4th of September 2017 is a training day?

    • Debbie Eccles says:

      Yes it is – please see the post from March 17th below.
      Thank you.
      Friday 1st September 2017
      Monday 4th September 2017
      Friday 27th October 2017
      Monday 8th January 2018
      Monday 9th April 2018

  2. Nazia says:

    hi my children are new to your school so do you know when the coming school holidays are coming


  3. helen mccarthy says:

    I have heard there is a teacher training day in June. I can’t see anything published so far. We follow your holidays and training days so would appreciate if you could let us know if there is anything coming up apart from the week off end of may beginning of June. Thank you. X

  4. f smith says:

    Do the kids go back on Tues or Wed next week? Thanks

  5. Julie Snape says:

    Please can you confirm whether Mon 20 July is a training day and the children therefore finish school on Fri 17 July. Thanks

  6. Sue jude says:

    Hi can you please let me know when the teacher training days are please as the school term time table is blank.

    Thank you

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