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2016-18 Project:

Lead Creative School Project 2017-18

Our Creative Committee 2017-18

As part of our ‘Inventions during the Victorian Era’ topic, pupils will be exposed to the amazing inventions and ideas linked to industry and technology during the Victorian period. As a result we will expect the pupils to:

* research and find out about early inventors/inventions and how the invention  benefitted society

* plan and design their product/concept

* market their product/concept

*evaluate the success of their product/concept

Lead Creative School 2016-17

Jim Elliott, our Creative Practitioner has been working with Year 5. The project is to develop and improve literacy skills through authentic learning including animation.

lead creative booklet

The Creative Committee have shortlisted 5 Creative Practitioners and will be inviting them for interview!

Dear Year 5


Lead-Creative-Schools-Scheme-Handbook (2)

Dear Year 4 Pupil




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