Active Travel to School

As part of our three year project with Sustrans Active Journeys, we are encouraging as many pupils as possible to actively travel to school. In school we have organised scooter workshops for Tuesday 21st March (letters to be given out on Monday) to ensure our children are safe and respectful on their scooters and to encourage more pupils to use them to travel to school.

At the moment 38% of our children actively travel to school and Sustrans have an ambitious target to aim for 50%!

So, we have planned a ‘Big Shift’ week in school from Monday 27th – Friday 31st March to see if we can get 50% of pupils travelling to school actively.

We have purchased scooter racks in school to accommodate all the extra scooters that will hopefully be used in the future!

Each class will be collecting travel data during the week and the winning class will be receiving a very special prize!

Even 1 active journey to school during the week will make a difference.

Thank you.