Let’s Make our School even more Healthier!

Dear Parents

We have noticed that in the junior department we are very unhealthy when it comes to our snacks. In Victoria, children start making healthy habits in the infant classes as they are not allowed unhealthy snacks and we have decided that we should be carrying this through into our junior classes.

We know that crisps, chocolate and sweets contain too much salt and sugar; this in turn damages our bodies. We are growing and we want to grow up making healthy choices. After all healthy choices lead to healthy habits in later life. We want to be healthy adults.

As a result, we have decided that we are going to ban unhealthy snacks in our school after half term. We want to see healthy snacks on our playground, such as fruit, cereal bars (without chocolate!), yoghurts, water, milk, cheese pieces, cucumber etc.

We really hope that you support us and help us to make healthy choices.

Thank you,

The Healthy Schools Committee