Mrs Vanda Wright wins the award for Best Role Model Employee!

A huge congratulations to Mrs Vanda Wright who won the ‘Best Role Model Employee Award at the Wrexham Wow Awards today and here is why…

 Mrs Vanda Wright has worked at Victoria Infants/ CP School for 40 years.

Within that time, Vanda has had a huge impact on many individuals but more importantly, many children. Vanda is one in a million and a favourite of pupils, parents and staff alike.

It is fair to say that Vanda is an inspirational woman – a big part of the school community who has touched the lives of generations living in our community.

Vanda is incredibly approachable and affable. She reaches out to parents, some who are difficult to reach and she nurtures relationships with them. She is the first point of contact for many of our parents as she is our Breakfast Club Supervisor. Without fail, every morning, she opens the school doors with a smile, an encouraging word and a joke (for parents!). Vanda is the first staff member lots of our parents and children see in the morning and as a result, she knows about the anxieties and concerns, the good news and sad. Vanda is a trusted role model.

Vanda is one of life’s optimists – she sees the good and positive in all situations. She tells good stories, she makes people smile and laugh. Her sense of humour is like fuel in our school.  Vanda is someone you want on your team. As well as making us all laugh on a daily basis, Vanda is the epitome of discretion. She is a natural confidant, a go – to person and a trusted friend to so many.

Vanda is a grafter, always engaged in her work whatever that might be. She is an inspiration in the classroom. She teaches with flair and treats children with compassion and dignity. Vanda is fair and upholds all the values we have in school. Vanda is highly creative and creates much of the interior design within school. She creates exciting learning areas indoors and out and her classroom displays are of the highest standard. It’s amazing what one person can do with some crepe paper and fabric! Every year, she spruces up our outdoor learning areas and ensures that every part of our school environment will engage and inspire.

Vanda co-runs our Families Connect Group. She provides a vital link in our parent/school partnerships. She is a reassuring guide and friend to parents who often comment on her sincerity and friendliness.

Lastly, Vanda is loved by the children in her care. They respect her and are always keen to share their lives with her. On many occasion, walking past the classroom, you can hear a class of children singing in Welsh – good old fashioned folk songs, because passing down our Welsh heritage is very important to Vanda.

Vanda contributes so much to our school and more importantly, the people within it.

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