Music Lessons in School

Dear Parents,

As you are aware free music provision delivered by Wrexham Music Services has ceased in schools and the service has now been transferred to the Wrexham Music Cooperative (a service which charges for specialist music provision).

At Victoria CP School, we are committed to providing a broad, rich curriculum and extended learning opportunities which develop the whole child. As a result, we will be continuing with specialist music provision in school. This is in addition to the classroom provision which all classes receive as part of the National Curriculum/ New Curriculum for Wales.

In the Autumn Term 2018, due to our commitment towards the arts in schools, we are willing to fund specialist music provision delivered by specialist teachers. However, for this to be successful, pupils and parents will need to show a strong commitment to what learning an instrument entails:

  • Care of the instrument
  • A love of music
  • Daily practise
  • Committed to getting better
  • Attending rehearsals after school and weekly lessons
  • Being responsible for bringing their instrument in on the correct days
  • Willing to perform as part of a group or as an individual
  • Recognising their own ability
  • Have aspirations to continue with music as they enter high school and beyond

We will follow the schedule below:

    • During the Autumn term 2018 we will offer free lessons for existing musicians and free taster sessions for children wishing to play an instrument – woodwind, strings or brass
    • flair with music and by October half term, music staff will have identified pupils who show potential and will discuss with Headteacher. Discussions will then be had with parents about continuing with music lessons.
    • I will rely on the music staff to recognise the children who show a particular talent or natural

Spring & Summer term

  • Payment is passed over to parents for these terms to ensure commitment to music and learning an instrument is maintained. During this time the music staff will possibly be preparing pupils for exams etc. Depending on how many children continue with lessons, we envisage the cost to be approximately £8 per session. This would equate to approximately £80 – 100 per term. Specific financial details will be finalised in due course. Costs will be reduced for children receiving FSM.


These arrangements will need to be reviewed after one year due to year on year funding. If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Eccles