School is open tomorrow

Dear parents and staff,

School will be open tomorrow.

We’ve cleared and gritted some paths today on the school premises but there are areas of snow and ice which by the morning will be slippery.

If you and the children are walking, please ensure you wear wellies or the like. The children can bring slippers or casual shoes for inside. Remember to bring a plastic bag for wet wellies. If children want to wear a hoodie for extra warmth that’s fine.

Could I please ask the parents of Nursery children to come through Diamond class tomorrow as we didn’t get round to making a pathway to the nursery entrance.

Please be very careful on Poyser Street and on the pavements outside school – they are treacherous. We phoned the Council and they informed us that pavements will not be treated. They also doubted whether Poyser Street would be gritted either.

Please keep safe.

Thank you parents once again for your support and patience.