The Art of Baptism


The project is called The Art of Baptism and was started as a collaboration between All Saints’ Church and Victoria CP School, both Poyser Street. The aim is to create a lasting connection between the communities of the school and the church.  All children have had the opportunity to take part.

The project was funded by the Parochial Trust and Father Sam Erlandson, priest of All Saints’ Church, has been giving talks to the children about baptism and what happens in other faiths.

Following the talks, Wrexham-based artist, Andrea Hilditch has worked with children from the school to create a large collage. The art work was then photographed and tiles were produced digitally. Year 5 and 6 children have begun to stick the tiles onto a board which will form part of a 3m x 1m mosaic mural to be finished by the artist and then installed at the back of the church behind the font.

The volunteers on the project were Fine Art degree students from Wrexham Glyndwr University, thereby creating another important community connection – Helena Poulakis, Alanna Woodfine, Caitlin Humphreys and Morgan Stubbs.

Andrea said, “The children have been fascinated by the process of working together to build a large piece of art. They’ve enjoyed seeing the progress and how it’s built up over the 6 days of working with them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the project and it’s been a pleasure working with the school and the church. It’s also been great that I’ve had volunteers with me from the university so that they could see a community project in action and obtain some essential and relevant experience.”

Mrs Eccles, Headteacher at Victoria CP School said, “This has been a very special project between the school and church as every single pupil in school has contributed to the piece of art. It was also lovely working with Andrea as we have taught both her children. She is a fantastic artist and is highly regarded by our pupils and staff.”