Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities boost young people’s confidence to interact socially with others; extend their social networks; and provide them with new skills and abilities. Above all, they offer an important space to have fun and relax. Participating in extracurricular activities builds teamwork, communication, relationships, and a sense of belonging, all of which help students to develop socially and be successful in school. Participation in extra-curricular activities demonstrates the importance of community involvement. At Victoria CP School, staff willingly give up their free time to provide extra opportunities for our children as we are strong advocates of the immense benefits of extended learning opportunities and experiences – I am forever grateful for their commitment.

Samba Drumming at Venue Cymru

Our year 5 children surprised Welsh Government delegates at their annual conference on September 14th in Llandudno with their amazing samba drumming performance. The children were brilliant – so professional and they loved performing in front of such a large audience! Da iawn pawb!


Dear Parents,

We are introducing a program to all year groups at school called myHappymind. myHappymind is all based around helping children to understand how their brain works and to support them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves!

myHappymind is delivered in schools by class teachers through a series of interactive lessons and then the children apply these learnings throughout the day. To further embed this learning and ensure that you are able to engage in these topics with your child, myHappymind has developed a set of resources for parents.

These resources can be accessed online on your computer, or through an app on your phone. The resources allow children to continue to practise some of the habits they have developed at school, such as happy breathing, for you to learn more about what they are learning in the program. Also included are activities for you to do together at home, to complement the in-school lessons.

To access these materials just go to https://myhappymind.org/parent-resources and enter your name, email, and authentication code. Your authentication code is 402248.

We really encourage you to make use of this free content so that you can support your child in getting the best out of the curriculum. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please contact your class teacher.

Return to School

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Term dates and training days for 2023-24.

Children return to school on Monday 4th September.

Nursery and Reception will have short staggered starts – you will be informed by the classteachers.

Thank you.

Teacher Training Days for 2023-24:

Friday 1st September

Fri 27th October

Friday 22nd December

Monday 8th January

Mon 8th April

Friday 5th July