The Humanities Area of Learning and Experience provides fascinating contexts for children and young people to learn about people, place, time and belief. It will give them an understanding of historical, geographical, political, economic and societal factors and provide opportunities to engage in informed discussions about ethics, beliefs, religion and spirituality. Children and young people will learn to consider how these different factors interrelate, and develop an understanding of themselves and other people, their own locality, Wales and the world in a range of times, places and circumstances.

Key Concepts & Strands

  • Continuity, change and diversity impact on our world
  • Society is influenced by community, culture and power
  • Humanity faces many challenges that require informed and considered responses
  • People interpret and represent the world in different ways
  • Developing inquiring minds allows people to make sense of and engage with the world around them
  • Responsible citizens are ethically informed, critical thinkers and play an active part in society