Playgroup and After School Club Documentation

2015 Welsh language policy and procedure

2015Toilieting Policy 2015 Use of electronic equipment

2015 Snack Policy

2015 Settling In Policy

2015 Play equipment and resources policy and procedure

2015 Parental involvement policy and procedure

2015 Outings Policy

2015 Outdoor play and sun safety

2015 Looking after our environment policy and procedure

2015 Illness

2015 Health and safety policy

2015 Health and hygiene policy and procedure

2015 Food hygiene policy

2015 food drinks and healthy eating

2015 Equality and inclusion including special needs

2015 Confidentiality policy

2015 Complaints Procedure Policy

2015 childrens participation

2015 Child protection policy and procedure

2015 Behaviour management and anti

2015 Asthma Policy

2015 admissions, lost child, arivals and collections

2015 Administration of Medication Policy

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2 Responses to Playgroup and After School Club Documentation

  1. Sreenivas Peraka says:

    Dear officer
    We will be moving into Wrexham soon. I have heard good things about your school and am looking for a house in your school’s catchment area. I want to know if there is a breakfast club and afterschool club’s in your school.
    Thank you

    • Debbie Eccles says:

      Hello there! Yes we have a free breakfast club which starts at 8.15am and another breakfast club/ after school club which starts at 8 – you have to pay for this one – and we have a school based After school Club called Jewels for children in Nursery – Year 2, which again you have to pay for.
      Best Wishes,
      Mrs Eccles

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